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Enter Richard Max & Co’s planning acronym competition and win a bottle of champagne.

Those of us involved in the planning system will have been unable to avoid the steady stream of “acronym creep” affecting our working lives over the last few years.

GDPO or GPDO ?  PPG or PPS?  UDP, LDD, LDF or LDS?  These are some of the many technical acronyms that should be familiar to those in the planning and development industry.

We at Richard Max & Co have encountered a number of amusing planning related acronyms:

NIMBY –     “Not in my backyard” – a type of person (including Government members) who does not object to development except when it is next door.

BANANA – “Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything” a sentiment often expressed by NIMBY’s.

LULU –      “Locally unwanted land use” – as opposed to the popular 1960’s singer.

Do you know of or use any other planning acronyms?  A bottle of champagne and accredited entry to the famed Richard Max & Co A-Z of Planning for the best suggestion.

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